Pennsylvania RAMP Server/Seller Training

The Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP) Server/Seller program was developed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. This program is designed specifically for businesses that have a liquor license in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in order to prevent the sale or service of alcohol to a visibly intoxicated patron or minor.  Successful completion of the program and passing of the exam with an 80% or better will merit a certificate valid for two years in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  This satisfies one of the five parts necessary for RAMP compliance. Please note, Paster Training is not an employee of the PLCB. We train the approved PLCB RAMP program. 

Key Topics

  • Pennsylvania liquor laws and liabilities
  • Proper documentation and the Liquor Code
  • Understanding alcohol, absorption rate factors, and drink equivalency
  • Measuring intoxication and how alcohol is eliminated
  • Identification and assessment of alcohol-related problems
  • Intervention techniques to prevent alcohol-related tragedies
  • Properly identifying minors and evaluating identification cards


Protect your customers, your brand, your business and your profits by increasing professional skills, establishing responsible practices for serving and selling alcohol and earning discounts on liquor liability insurance.  Learn the skills needed to assess alcohol-related problems.  This course can help keep your operation and your customers safe and compliant.

Desired Outcomes

Upon course completion, participants will be prepared to:

  • Understand the legal ramifications of improperly serving and selling alcohol.
  • Differentiate between people enjoying themselves and those becoming intoxicated with alcohol.
  • Properly check identification cards to avoid service or sales of alcohol to minors.
  • Prevent alcohol-related problems and handle alcohol-related situations with greater confidence.

Materials Provided

  • Pennsylvania RAMP Participant Manual
  • RAMP Certification Exam, Exam Answer Sheet

Who Should Attend

  • All team members that serve, sell, or check IDs, representing a minimum of 50% of licensee’s staff.

Recommended Schedule

8 a.m. – 12 p.m. or 1p.m. – 5 p.m.


  • Individual enrollment is available for all courses.
  • Minimum capacity: 10 participants for all private classes
  • Maximum capacity: 40 participants


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