Alcohol Regulation Database

Paster Training, Inc. provides customized alcohol databases for state, local, and city regulations. The parameters of the database can be tailored to your organization in order to meet your specific management interests and objectives. Paster Training, Inc. will work with your organization to identify essential areas for development of your alcohol database. Our consultants include expert witnesses, scientists, trained and experienced specialists, and former members of local, county, state, and federal agencies. 

  • Consultation with Project Specialist (complimentary)
    • Preliminary Needs Evaluation (local or by telephone)
    • Process Orientation
      • Client determines direction

Customized Database Elements (fee-based)

Identification of alcohol regulations related to state, local, and city ordinances may include:

  • Agency contact information
  • Age to consume, pour, sell, and serve
  • DUI and DWI limit
  • Maximum alcohol per drink and number of drinks at one time limit
  • Dram shop and social host liability laws
  • Regulated server training
  • Acceptable forms of IDs, Recommended age for carding
  • ID confiscation, Policies regarding underage persons
  • Hours of sale, Happy hour laws
  • Liquor liability, Statute of limitations
    • Collaboration between client and Paster Training, Inc.

Continuous Improvement Program (fee-based)

After project completion, Paster Training, Inc. can support your organization by offering:

  • Semiannual/Annual updates of database recommended
  • Server/Seller training programs
  • Alcohol HACCP training programs
  • Alcohol HACCP plan development and implementation
  • Self-inspection program
  • SURE Alcohol Log & Incident Report Book
  • Mystery shop, Audits, and Inspections
  • Expert Witness services
    • Client determines direction

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