Food Safety Management Systems

PTI Consulting offers a variety of food facility operation assessment, planning, development and implementation services.  This includes food safety evaluations, inspections and audit services.

Management Systems

PTI Consulting can help you determine whether the conditions and work practices related to safe food handling and facility operations meet regulatory standards of compliance.  Our team uses the requirements of federal regulations to meet good manufacturing practices (GMPs), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), and Hazard Analysis Risk Prevention Control System (HARPC). The parameters of the PTI Consulting project will be tailored to your organization in order to meet your specific objectives.  Food safety-related risk-based conditions and practices required to be managed by your system to meet regulatory compliance standards include:

  • Food safety training and certifications
  • Employee personal hygiene practices
  • Food product approved source documentation
  • Food storage and receiving practices
  • Food inventory controls
  • Food contact surface cleaning and sanitization
  • Thermal processes
  • Temperature control of stored foods
  • Proper food product labeling
  • Compliance with nutritional labeling requirements
  • Proper chemical storage and usage
  • HACCP and HARPC plans
  • Water source and plumbing system protection
  • Thermometer and temperature measurement device calibration
  • Pest control
  • Cross contamination control practices
  • Equipment maintenance and cleaning procedures
  • Facility sanitation and maintenance
  • Food defense practices


Assessments evaluate your facility’s current regulatory status as well as review existing management policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  During an assessment, PTI Consulting will work with your organization to identify essential areas for development of food safety management and/or food defense programs.

Project Consulting

PTI Consultants collaborates with clients, evaluating current food safety systems, practices and SOPs in order to ensure continual compliance with regulations as well as management’s goals and objectives.

PTI Consultants have over 20 years of experience in the food industry, serving clients in the areas of foodborne illness prevention, risk management and food safety. Our team includes hospitality consultants, trained and experienced environmental health specialists, and former members of local, county, state and federal agencies.   We also have access to food scientists, microbiologist, food technologists and other industry related specialists.

PTI Consulting will provide assistance and will enable your organization to initiate, develop and augment programs and activities focused on:

  • Food safety training certifications
  • Personal hygiene training
  • New-hire orientation
  • Self-inspection program
  • Food inventory control systems
  • Temperature control and monitoring program
  • Product recall program
  • Crisis communication training
  • Equipment sanitation and maintenance
  • Plant sanitation and maintenance
  • Waste management
  • HACCP  and HARPC plan development or modification
  • HACCP  and HARPC plan verification
  • Product delivery control systems
  • Policy and Procedures
  • SSOPs and SOPs
  • Product development
  • Process controls
  • Regulatory compliance response
  • Corrective action plans and initiatives
  • Food Defense evaluation
  • Food Defense development and training
  • Laboratory services
    • Shelf life validation
    • Safety assessments
    • Product testing an analysis


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