SURE Train-the-Trainer


The SURE Food Safety Train-the-Trainer Certification Program is designed for those who will be training foodservice personnel.  This course encompasses an activity-focused program using hands-on applications to drive food safety knowledge.  It will focus specifically on the diverse education levels, languages, and cultures that often make up a foodservice workforce, and how to successfully deliver a Food Safety Certification training to them.

Each participant will receive and learn to use a complete instructor training kit that includes multimedia tools, training manuals, and operational props.  This kit has been previewed and used by Paster Training Inc.’s lead trainers and instructors.  By successfully completing the requirements for this course, participants will earn two certifications:

  • Certified SURE Trainer, from Instruis Publishing Company
  • Certified World-Class Food Safety Trainer, from Paster Training, Inc.



With more certified trainers than any other private training organization, Paster Training is well qualified to provide your operation with high information retention, immediately actionable improvement steps, and clear execution advice.  Participants can enhance their training skills and will learn how to more effectively convey vital information within the Food Safety training curriculum.

Desired Outcomes

Upon course completion, participants will be prepared to:

  • Effectively teach food safety to your foodservice workforce with best practices and proven instructional techniques using an industry-leading curriculum.
  • Proctor certification tests in continuing education programs.
  • Engage and motivate adult learners through classroom exercises and presentations with sound and motion.
  • Use effective tools such as Glo Germ, unlabeled white compounds, thermometer calibration, and other hands-on applications to reinforce food safety statutes.
  • Facilitate in-depth discussions on emerging pathogens, food codes, food safety changes and updates.
  • Start or strengthen your own food safety training business.


Materials Provided

  • SURE Food Safety Manager Manual
  • SURE Food Safety Trainer Manual
  • SURE Food Safety Employee Manual
  • SURE Trainer CD-ROM
  • SURE PowerPoint Presentations
  • Training Tips
  • Course Planning and Delivery Tools
  • Real-World Stories
  • Case Studies
  • Quizzes
  • Icebreakers
  • Exam Administration Handbook
  • 2013 Food Code Update
  • Saf-T-Ice® Shorty™ Tote
  • Saf-T-Scoop® & Guardian System
  • Rapi-Kool® Plus Cold Paddle
  • Rapi-Kool® Smart Chart
  • Saf-T-Grip® Cutting Board
  • Cutting Board Smart Chart
  • Kleen-Pail® 6-QT
  • Kleen-Pail® Caddy
  • Saf-T-Grip® Allergen Saf-T-Zone 9”X12” Cutting Board
  • Saf-Check® Quat Test System with thermometer
  • Mani-Kar® Bandage Samples
  • Versa-Mat® Bar Matting
  • T-Stick® Samples 140°F, 160°F and 170°F
  • Klever Kutter™ 3-Pack
  • Smart System/Tear-N-Dry Roll Towel Dispenser CD
  • Product Literature


Who Should Attend

Both new and experienced trainers will benefit from this program.

  • Corporate Trainers and educators who need to manage and facilitate their in-house food safety training program
  • Owners, Directors, Managers, Operators


Candidates must hold a valid ANSI Food Protection Manager certificate, earning a score of 75% or better.

Candidates must have industry experience sufficient to demonstrate credibility as an instructor.

Private Classes

Paster Training, Inc. would be pleased to conduct a training session at your location.  The class can be customized to your specific requirements.  Classes are scheduled as a two-day session.  Private classes require a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 20.

To schedule a private class, please contact Paster Training, Inc. for a training quote.

Public Classes

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