CQR Reader 2.0 for Retail

How do you currently tell if your seafood is fresh?

Would you like to reduce your waste and save money?

What if there was a tool that offered a quick, objective way to measure the quality of your fish that anyone can use?

The CQR Reader 2.0 is the perfect tool for anyone handling seafood from catch to consumption. The CQR Reader 2.0 is a device that gets measurements on the quality of the fish. This technology is on the cutting edge. It will save money and reduce waste by making sure the quality of your seafood is safe for consumption.

CQR Reader 2.0 features and options:

  • Handheld and portable device
  • Easy to use by any staff member
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Can measure quickly and non-invasively 4,000 different measurements
  • The reader currently measures quality of 15 fish species and new species are added regularly
  • Data can be downloaded via USB or Bluetooth
  • The leasing option includes access to the Seafood Analytics dashboard via cloud based solution which creates reports and graphs that can be easily distributed


The CQR Reader 2.0 can measure:

  • Remaining shelf life
  • Days since harvest
  • Time/temperature abuse
  • FDA sensory scores
  • Certified Quality (CQ) score of 1 - 100
  • Data for objective pricing
  • Fresh and frozen fish

Benefits to using the CQR Reader 2.0:

  • Save money by reducing waste
  • Confirm quality of seafood at receiving
  • Increase sales by charging top marketing pricing for higher quality seafood
  • Can differentiate your seafood from lesser quality seafood
  • Purchase with confidence

The CQR Reader 2.0 is available on a leasing plan or one-time purchase. The leasing plan is yearly for $400/month with a security deposit of $1,865. The leasing option is a risk-free way to see how the CQR Reader 2.0 will benefit you and your company. After a few uses, you will see why you need the CQR Reader 2.0! 

To discuss a leasing plan or schedule a demo, call us at 866.394.1776.