FAQs for CQR Reader 2.0

1. Can I buy the CQR Reader 2.0?

Yes, the reader is available for purchase. The reader is available for $4,945 and that includes a 12 month license for the CQ Cloud software. After the 12 month period, the license must be renewed for continued use which is available for $250/month. If you would rather lease the reader, it is available for $400/month with a security deposit of $1,865. The minimum lease is 12 months.

2. Does it read meat or poultry?

No, the Seafood Analytics CQR Reader 2.0 is only for measuring the quality of seafood.

3. Does it read crab or lobster?

No, at this time the reader cannot measure the quality of crustaceans.

4. How do I clean the reader?

The reader comes with a sanitizing solution that can be used to clean the reader between measurements. The solution is available in liquid and wipe form. 

5. What happens if my reader stops working?

If there are any technical issues with your reader, the technical hotline is 866.394.1776 and is available Monday – Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm EST.

6. Will my health inspector let me use the reader?

The CQR is approved by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device and was independently verified by Oregon State University. The reader meets the FDA cleanability standards and is also made with approved food grade materials.

7. Can I break my lease if I don’t want the reader anymore?

The reader is available for a 12 month lease. After the initial six month period, you may cancel your lease. Please note, if you cancel your lease after the initial six month period there is a 35% restocking fee to return the machine. 

8. The reader doesn’t have a fish species that I need. What can I do?

New species are added regularly and if you require one that is not available, the Seafood Analytics team can have it ready within 60 days of your request.

9. How can I transfer the information from my reader?

The measurements can be downloaded from the reader via a USB or Bluetooth. The information can then be sent to the Seafood Analytics dashboard so that you can compare the data and create reports. 

10. How long does it take for my reader to ship?

All orders are shipped within 2 – 4 days from initial order.

11. What is the depreciation on the CQR Reader 2.0?

The CQR Reader has a depreciation schedule of five years. 

To request a demo or order the CQR Reader 2.0, call 866.394.1776.