Seafood HACCP and the CQR Reader 2.0

Do you have a measurable way to verify the quality and safety of the seafood in your Seafood HACCP Plan? What if there was a tool that offered a quick, objective way to measure the quality and safety of your fish that anyone can use and apply to a Seafood HACCP Plan?  

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires processor of fish and fishery products to develop and implement HACCP systems for their operations under 21 CFR 123 (Seafood HACCP) and 21 CFR 1240 (Control of Communicable Disease regulation).

The CQR Reader 2.0 is the perfect tool for anyone handling seafood from catch to consumption. The CQR Reader 2.0 is a device that gets biometric measurements on the quality of the fish. This technology is on the cutting edge. It will save money and reduce waste by making sure the quality of your seafood is safe for consumption. The CQR Reader 2.0 will give you measurable ways to address the quality and safety of your fish or fishery products in your Seafood HACCP Plans.

The CQR Reader 2.0 can measure:

  • Remaining shelf life
  • Days since harvest
  • Time/temperature abuse
  • FDA sensory scores
  • Certified Quality (CQ) score between 1 - 100
  • Both fresh and frozen fish

Benefits to using the CQR Reader 2.0 in conjunction with your Seafood HACCP Plan:

  • Confirm quality of seafood when receiving
  • Measure and verify the biometric quality of fish and fishery products as it moves through food flow  
  • Establish minimum standard and critical limits for products that are measurable and recordable
  • Establish monitoring procedures using the CQR
  • Use the CQR measurements to establish corrective actions, record keeping and verification in your HACCP Plan
  • The CQR Reader 2.0 can be used to develop detailed verification records, charts and graphs to capture the overall trends in your seafood quality and safety
  • Seafood Analytics Inc. offers two certification programs using the CQR unit: Certified Fresh Program and Certified Fresh Frozen. If your seafood meets the requirements, you can use the certified sticker on your products

Consider using the CQR Reader 2.0 in your Seafood HACCP Plan. The CQR Reader 2.0 is available on a leasing plan or one-time purchase. The leasing plan is yearly for $400/month with a security deposit of $1,865. The leasing option is a risk-free way to see how the CQR Reader 2.0 will benefit you and your company. After a few uses, you will see why you need the CQR Reader 2.0!

To discuss a leasing plan or schedule a demo, call us at 866.394.1776.