An Introduction to Alcohol HACCP

Posted on: 11.11.2013

Our next topic of the month is Alcohol HACCP. Some of you may ask what Alcohol HACCP is and that is exactly why we are here. This week we will be educating our followers on Alcohol HACCP on our blog as well as our other social media platforms.

Alcohol HACCP is a plan written for your facility that can prevent, eliminate, or reduce alcohol-related incidents in your establishment. Having an Alcohol HACCP plan helps to make your business less vulnerable. It is a system that monitors your operation procedures and practices. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis andCritical Control Points and it is a scientific method used to protect the food supply. HACCP was developed by NASA and the Pillsbury Company in the 60s. It was initially created to prevent hazards in food for the space program.  Will the lack of gravity, the last thing astronauts needed was to get food poisoning while in space. HACCP provided a proactive rather than reactive approach to reducing those hazards.

Alcohol HACCP differs from the initial HACCP system because this is the first time that HACCP has been implemented towards alcohol. HACCP systems are generally used to monitor food processes, but why not use those same systems to reduce alcohol-related incidents as well? Alcohol HACCP targets establishments that serve alcohol to reduce, eliminate, or prevent the service or sale of alcohol to VIPs (Visibly Intoxicated Persons), minors, and third-party sales. Alcohol HACCP plans are vital for establishments that serve or sell alcohol. A HACCP plan puts everything your establishment needs in one easy to follow document. It holds your standard operating procedures (SOPs), prerequisite programs (training, organization chart, performance evaluations, etc.), and much more.

Some areas are starting to require food HACCP plans and we believe that eventually HACCP will be mandatory for all establishments. Although it is not currently mandated, it is always smart to be ahead of the curve. By implementing an Alcohol HACCP plan you can prove to your community that you are dedicated to safely serving and selling alcohol. Feel confident knowing that your HACCP plan is saving lives. 

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