You Need The SURE™ Food Safety Manager Manual

The SURE™Food Safety Manager Manual is the newest food safety book on the market. It was released in early 2014 with the updated 2013 FDA Food Code. There are so many reasons why this manual is worth purchasing and below we’ve listed five. If you are a food safety trainer then keep reading because this is for you.
  1. It's written for food service AND retail establishments. This ensures that there are examples in the manual that all establishments can relate to.
  2. It can be paired with any ANSI-accredited Food Protection Manager exam. Now you have the ability to change up your training materials while still using the testing materials you are most comfortable with.
  3. It was created by industry and regulatory professionals so you can besure™the information is relevant, up-to-date, and all inclusive.
  4. It is activity driven to keep your students’ attention. TheSURE™Food Safety Manager Manual takes a fresh approach to food safety.
  5. It is more cost effective than other manuals on the market. Who doesn’t like saving money?

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