January Last Call Responsible Alcohol by Tara Cammarata

January 2019, Happy New Year!
Now, pretend you are testifying in court and this is your defense to the Judge. "Your Honor, I have one Bouncer for my facility. My place holds about 250 customers. I instructed my Bouncer to sit on a stool and watch our patrons. I did not train my Bouncer to handle alcohol related incidents." This is the worst-case scenario in your defense to a Judge in an alcohol related incident that happens at your establishment.
Here are three responsible alcohol best practices to help you prevent the previous scenario:
1. Check your ratio of security professionals to the number of guests in your alcohol-based business. The industry standard is 1 (one) security professional to every 75 (seventy-five) guests. What is your ratio?
2. Eliminate the slang street term of "Bouncer" from your business culture. Some alternative terms to consider are security professional, security officer, or simply security. What do you call your team of security professionals?
3. Provide the essential training for your security team. They must know your house policies and expectations of your unique business. Every business is different and you as the owner/operator are responsible for your business even when you are not there.
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