March Last Call Responsible Alcohol by Tara Cammarata

How do you document alcohol related incidents in your establishment? Documentation is the one item that most alcohol-based business are lacking. If you were taken to court for an incident in your establishment would you have the proper documentation?
I have created the perfect solution for documenting alcohol-related incidents as well as maintaining a daily log to show incidents. The SURE™ Alcohol Log & Incident Report Book is the first of its kind, offering restaurants, bars, and taverns a permanent solution to track incidents that happen in their establishments. This log and incident book is unlike any other because is it printed on 2-part carbonless paper which allows owners to keep and make copies of all their records. This makes it easier to give information to the appropriate authorities while still having a record of the incident in house.
Here are my tips for completing an incident report:
  • Write neatly.
  • Write in pen.
  • If you make a mistake on the report, draw one line through the error and initial the change. Do not scribble or cross out a mistake such that it cannot be read.
  • Do not use corrective fluid.
  • Do not use shorthand.
  • Avoid using foul language unless reporting what someone else said that is important to the investigation.
  • Use full and complete answers.
  • If you need more space to complete a section of the report, indicate it on the report and continue to the next report.
  • Collect any supporting data (time cards, surveillance video, receipts, etc.) and give it to the appropriate person.
  • Fill out each section as fully and completely as possible.
  • Make sure you record accurate information. Do not guess the answer. If you do not know and cannot find out, write that on the report.
  • Keep the original copy for your records. Do not give the original to anyone.
  • If you are quoting what a third-party said, make sure you indicate the source. For example, write, "The bartender, Fred, heard the injured person say, "I just took my medications, and I am not supposed to drink."
  • Remember, this record may become part of a court case. Therefore, it is important to be accurate and complete as possible.
This blog is not intended to be a substitute for the user's judgement and common sense. Any errors are unintentional.

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