April Last Call Responsible Alcohol by Tara Cammarata

Be proactive! Understand why law enforcement would come to your alcohol-based business.
Here are some possibilities or reasons why:
□ An alcohol related incident resulting in death, injury, or property damage.
□ DJ's and/or promoters
□ Evidence
□ Alleged complaint
□ Fraud (High end bottle with low end alcoholic beverage)
□ Identity theft
□ Drugs
□ Violence
□ Prostitution
□ Sex offenses
□ Over consumption of alcoholic beverages
□ Visibly intoxicated patrons
□ Underage drinking
This list is just the beginning of possibilities or why law enforcement may come to your business. The best way to avoid law enforcement is to be proactive and have a foundation built on solid, dependable policies and procedures. All house policies and procedures must be:
□ Clear, concise, and followed
□ Written and customized for each individual operation
□ Easy to understand and easily enforceable by supervisors, managers, or the person-in-charge
□ Capable of being monitored and verified for compliance by owners and operators
Having the proper documentation is essential when working with law enforcement to ensure that you can lessen the amount of time they are in your operation. It is a best practice to keep all your record keeping documentation all in one file. Here is a list of documents you may be asked to produce:
□ All incidents regarding a refused sale to a patron
□ All attempts of a minor to purchase alcohol
□ All attempts of third-party sales.
□ Any altercations between customers and/or employees
□ All reasonable efforts for any alcohol-related incidents
This blog is not intended to be a substitute for the user's judgement and common sense. Any errors are unintentional.

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