May Last Call Responsible Alcohol by Tara Cammarata

Expectations, Standard Operating Procedures, and House Policies
Responsible Alcohol is not haphazard or by accident. If your business has no expectations, no standard operating procedures, and no house policies, then today is the start of a new beginning. You must act and make responsible alcohol sales and service happen! This is a conscious decision. The time is now to create the right culture for your business.
Let's look at the good, the bad, and the ugly...
The good and responsible alcohol businesses have expectations for their team members, they have written standard operating procedures and house policies.
The bad are simply ignorant and denies that alcohol sales and service impact their community. If you are one of these bad businesses let me be the first to tell that alcohol sales and service impacts everyday people. Why you ask? The community lives and works surrounding your place of business. Your alcohol business is not in a protective bubble. Our family, friends, and colleagues walk, ride bikes, and drive near your business. It is time to be a positive force in your community.
Take responsibility and be a positive force by:
  1. Never serving or selling alcohol to a minor that is anyone under the age of 21. Be aware that some older adults may attempt to purchase alcohol for a minor and this is against the law. The alcohol sale must be refused and documented. If needed, call law enforcement.
  2. Never serving or selling alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person. It does not matter that this person is not operating a vehicle. Bad things can happen to visibly intoxicated person such as violence, sexual assault, and a sober driver running over an intoxicated person.
The ugly are the businesses that "do not care" about the consequences of serving or selling a minor or intoxicated person an alcoholic beverage.
In summary, good businesses have expectations, standard operating procedures, and house policies for responsible alcohol sales and service. Remember, from a training perspective you can train an organization to go from good to spectacular and you can train bad to meeting acceptable standards.
It is not possible to teach an organization to care. Simply, you either care or you don't. If you don't care, then there are other occupations and businesses that are less risky and less dangerous to our communities.
This blog is not intended to be a substitute for the user's judgment and common sense. Any errors are unintentional.

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