Trainer Tips from Tara - September 2019

Brain games are perfect for the multiple generations currently in the workforce today receiving classroom instruction.
Pipe cleaners are brain toys that meet the training challenges of today by creating extra stimulation while keeping participants grounded. Keep in mind, there are many participant disruptors in the classroom such as technology distractions, instant communication, social media, competing priorities, and then combine that with extreme sensitivity complete with educating many different generations.
Here are our multiple generations at a glance:
  • "iGeneration" comprised of 18-23-year-olds
  • "Millennials" comprised of 24-41-year-olds
  • "Gen Xers" comprised of 42-53-year-olds
  • "Baby Boomers" comprised of 54-72-year-olds
  • "Traditionalist or Silent Generation" comprised of 73-92-year-olds
Using brain toys is a great method to assist participants of all generations to achieve success and provide an engaging classroom environment. This is just one possible solution to keep your participants in the here and now.
Pipe cleaners are a budget friendly solution available at a variety of stores including the supermarket, craft stores, discount stores, Big Box stores, and many e-commerce stores. It is an easy way to maximize your return on investment of only a few dollars. Trainers that use brain games with active learning and engagement techniques foster an educational environment of respect, trust, and freedom of expression. Pipe cleaners are ideal because they are cost effective, colorful, and inspire an imaginative learning experience for all.
I love this quote from Benjamin Franklin,
"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."
Happy Training!
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