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How to Find Food Defense Training

Have you ever considered what could happen if your food was tampered with by outside forces? If not, you should.

Adulterating food can be incredibly damaging to a person's health. Preventing this is critical for ethical and legal reasons.

While the FDA very clearly defines food defense and its purposes, it doesn't explain where to find food defense trainers to hire. Because of this, businesses struggle to find the best providers of food defense training for their company.

Never fear, though! In this article, we'll give you some key tips on finding the sort of food defense training you need.

Your Food Defense Trainers' Background

When examining a food defense consultant or trainer, it's helpful if you can discover something about their background. Does your prospective trainer have any academic credentials, such as culinary training?

Some programs exist that actually specialize in food defense or in food safety programs that feature crossover content. The best of these academic programs include some industrial experience for their students.

Like many other college graduates, though, many candidates with degrees lack industry experience.

Are They an Authority on Food Defense Training?

Several food consultants have written extensively about food defense and food safety. When you're looking for a trainer, determine whether they are an authority in their field.

For instance, have they written any books on the subject of food defense? If not a book, have they contributed any chapters or to professional papers?

Even if a trainer hasn't written such high-brow material, they may have contributed to magazines or blog content. A safe way to narrow down their authority is to search their name on your search engine of choice. When you do, search "food defense" as well.

If you get several hits, that's a good sign! This means their content is widely accepted or that their training program is in high demand. If you get nothing, then perhaps reconsider hiring this trainer.

Is Their Knowledge Contemporary?

Your prospective trainer may be an authority in his field and have a great deal of success. However, it doesn't matter much if he's not up-to-date with current law.

When dealing with food defense, you're dealing with sensitive material. The last thing you want is a trainer who doesn't know the current regulations and, in turn, gets you into trouble.

Industry Experience

One of the most critical factors in hiring a food defense trainer is their experience. The more experienced your trainer is, the more likely they are to understand your operation. They'll know the sorts of units that govern your workday and productivity.

This knowledge is foundational to a good trainer. With this sort of experience, a trainer can adapt his methods to accommodate your floor.

Consider Our Effective Training

All of these qualities make for competitive food defense trainers. Their knowledge is sound, their experience thorough, and their food defense training will equip your team to do its best work.

If that sounds like the sort of training you want, consider hiring us for your next food safety training. We provide top-tier classes all throughout the industry!

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