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The Right Way to Conduct Food Safety Testing

Every year 48 million people are sick and 3,000 people die because of foodborne illness. The worst part? Food contamination is entirely preventable!

If you are in the food manufacturing, processing, or distribution business, you may be familiar with the risks of foodborne illness. But proper food testing procedures can help remove the risk and ensure safe food for all your customers.

Not familiar with the methods of food safety testing? Or not sure which one is right for your business No problem - just read the guide below for more information.

Test for Food Hazards

Food hazards can be biological, chemical, or physical. Hazards are not always easy to detect. This is why many food processing plants use x-rays, chemical testing strips, and bacteria culture testing to assist them.

Individuals working in food service including manufacturing and distribution should be trained to understand potential food hazards. They should know prevention techniques, warning signs, and food safety tests applicable to their workplace.

Establish Critical Limits

Food safety testing analysis uses a range of acceptable measurements for food. You and your staff should be familiar with how to analyze food safety tests and read the results.

Your business needs to have critical limits to explain when food is considered contaminated, hazardous, or overall unsafe. For example, employees should know the proper cooling methods for small and large batches of food. The temperature guidelines should be posted for everyone to access.

If your staff needs training in food safety, check out the upcoming food safety training sessions we are offering.

Monitoring and Recording

Constant monitoring of food storage spaces and equipment can help you keep food products safe. in addition to setting up a monitoring system, there should be a recording system. The recording system documents food storage conditions and temperatures.

Any in-house food safety lab testing or products sent to a food safety laboratory should have a report dealing with results. Recording food safety data gives peace of mind to everyone involved in the business.

If you need assistance setting up a monitoring or recording system, consider hiring our consultant services. We can highlight areas of improvement and collaborate on solutions to improve food safety. When you have detailed records it can also help consultant services understand the current conditions and potential barriers to better food safety protocol.

Improving Food Safety Testing

If you work in a food-related industry you know how important food safety testing is. But if you feel at all unsure about how your business is performing in the food safety department, it's time to reach out for help.

There are trainings for employees, managers, and business owners regarding proper food testing and food safety guidelines. You can improve your knowledge and skills to protect people from getting sick.

What are you waiting for? Visit our website or contact us online - we are here to help!

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