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5 Business Benefits of Contracting Consultants to Make a Food Defense Plan

A food defense plan is a set of documents made to develop risk and compliance strategies related to the food industry. These include food safety training guidelines, food safety consulting, and mitigation strategies.

An estimated 600 million people around the world develop illnesses as a result of the food they eat. Contaminated food can carry unsafe parasites and bacteria that cost the country billions in medical expenses.

Here are some of the ways your business can benefit from food defense consulting.

1. Identify Threats

Every food out there has a different associated risk factor.

Undercooked beef can carry tapeworms. Unwashed vegetables may have animal feces on them. People can even get a salmonella infection from peanut butter.

Learning these threats also means learning how to better prepare food and improving your business.

2. Lowered Legal Risk

While food defense plan services are meant to protect your customers from any potential danger, they also lower your business's legal risks.

Private food standards require a vulnerability assessment that identifies potential vulnerabilities and develops preventative measures. Those threats could be intentional or unintentional in nature, like accidental contamination.

Identifying potential liability in your food defense plan allows your business and legal team to prepare for the worst by developing plans to correct any errors.

3. Improve Food Quality

In addition to legal security, food defense training is guaranteed to improve the quality of the food you serve. Even if your employees have experience in the field, it doesn't necessarily mean they know how to deal with every type of food out there.

For example, although plant-based proteins are made to taste and feel similar to beef burgers, they're much safer to store and prepare. There are also certain vegetarian burgers made from soy proteins, which can cause issues for those with soy allergies.

4. Save Money

Although food defense plan services are an investment, they ultimately save you money in the long run. By determining potential risks, you can avoid them. When something goes wrong, you have a plan outlining every step you need to take to fix it.

Food defense plans also help you avoid unexpected downtime as you deal with an issue since you've already developed a response.

5. Prepared Response

Arguably the most important part of a food defense plan is developing an emergency action plan. Unexpected contamination could put a length halt to your operations, resulting in lost time and money.

A designated person or team should control all the safety measures your business has developed and review them any time there are changes. An annual review will also be necessary.

Improve Your Business With a Food Defense Plan

The FDA requires that all food processing, manufacturing, and other similar facilities develop a food defense plan. Although it's a requirement, a plan also benefits your business by protecting it.

Paster Training offers training in food safety, manufacturing and processing, and more. We can help you develop a food defense plan appropriate for your specific business. Contact us today to learn more.

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