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What Does a Food Consultant Do?

Over 21 million employees work in food safety, fraud, and security jobs, accounting for 11% of all US employment.

A food consultant, also known as a food safety consultant, is one of the most important sectors of this career field. They ensure that businesses produce properly cooked meals in a safe environment.

Read our guide to learn what a food consultant does and how they can help your business.

What Is a Food Consultant?

A food safety consultant enforces legal guidelines and makes sure that every aspect of food preparation and production meets quality standards.

They perform tasks such as:

  • Completing audits
  • Reporting and suggesting how to fix safety issues
  • Designing customized assessments
  • Preventing food spoilage
  • Managing employee safety around dangerous machines

There are several requirements for a career in food consulting. You'll need a bachelor's degree, knowledge of food safety procedures, and an ability to work with international and local regulations.

Food safety applies to any business that processes or serves food. Professionals perform safety consulting for restaurants, grocery stores, and more.

Why Should I Hire a Food Consultant?

Food consultation benefits include safety, compliance, customer experience, and convenience.

Foodborne illnesses lead to 48 million illnesses, cause 128,000 hospitalizations, and take 3,000 lives every year. A food consultant keeps customers safe from spoiled, undercooked, or otherwise unsafe food.

Having a food consultant is the best way to ensure compliance with all legislation set up to prevent these issues.

Businesses must pass a food safety assessment from an Enforcement, Investigations, and Analysis Officer, or EIAO. These usually occur quarterly and take 5-7 days.

You'll also have to meet standards from government agencies such as the:

  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point or HACCP
  • Food and Drug Administration or FDA
  • United States Department of Agriculture

Food consultants are experts in these regulations. They know the federal, state, and industry-specific standards you need to meet and how you can do so.

Food consultants protect employees from injuries due to unsafe tools. They also protect business owners from a loss of reputation or legal issues such as lawsuits.

Having a food consultant improves the customer experience, a factor that 74% say influences their purchasing decisions.

Customers will feel safer when they know a food safety consultant is looking out for them. They'll also enjoy the taste of their meals more, making them more likely to come back.

Consultation is the most convenient way to get all of these benefits and more. You can outsource food safety to a professional, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Where to Find a Food Consultant

A food consultant is an expert in everything that goes into safely preparing and serving food to customers. They know all the global regulations that businesses must follow and can advise them on how to stay compliant.

Hiring a consultant keeps your business safe and legal while improving the experience for your customers. It's also the most convenient way to handle food safety.

Paster Training Inc. offers training for those who want to learn more about food safety and professional consulting for those who want to outsource this area of their business. Schedule a consultation today.

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