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Food Safety Consultants: How to Choose the Right One


There is one thing that all 36,486 of the food and beverage processing plants in the US needs to succeed; food safety consultants. Without them, they won't be able to meet government requirements or produce safe products.

The reasons for hiring these professionals are clear, but choosing one can be a confusing process. The pool of options is wide, but choosing the wrong one can have a devastating effect on your business.

Knowing what qualities to look for in advance makes the process easier. Read our food safety consultant selection guide to learn what these professionals do and how to choose the right one.

What Do Food Safety Consultants Do?

A food safety consultant helps you meet Manufactured Food Regulatory Standards that are in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs). They understand the regulations and how to apply them in your facility.

The consultant will examine every part of your business to check its manufacturing, sanitation, and operational processes. They can even work as trainers to teach your employees about the current standards and how to use them to perform their own assessments.

Why Do I Need a Food Safety Consultant?

There are several benefits to hiring a food safety consultant.

They reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses. These diseases are a major problem that affects at least 1 in 6 Americans and causes 3,000 deaths every year. Consultants help you avoid becoming part of this statistic which protects your reputation and helps you maintain a positive relationship with your customers.

Failing to meet food safety regulations can also result in regulatory action. A food safety consultant knows how to avoid these issues because they're familiar with the latest requirements. They also provide expert, up-to-date training on them for your employees.

How Can I Choose The Right Food Safety Consultant?

There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing a consultant.

Create a budget so you know how much you can afford to pay and will be able to narrow down your choices.

Look for food safety consultants that specialize in the types of products you sell. Check their availability and reputation.

One of the most important factors is experience and education. They should at least have a degree in food, environmental, or agricultural studies or have detailed experience in the food industry. Ask for their credentials.

Ask for a list of references before each food safety consulting hire. If they've worked with multiple plants, each one should be able to recommend them. Keep in mind, many consultants sign NDAs (None disclosure agreements) and may have some companies they are not able to disclose to you.

Where Can I Find Food Safety Consultants Near Me?

Food safety consultants are an essential part of any operation that produces food. They help you avoid food safety issues, meet legal requirements, and provide expert training.

You can't afford to go without a food safety consultant, but you also can't afford to choose the wrong one. Make sure to find an affordable, experienced, certified professional with a positive reputation that specializes in the products you sell.

Paster Training can help you find the right food safety consultant for your needs. Schedule a consultation today.

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