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5 Food Safety Mistakes You're Making in Your Restaurant

Food safety is not only a concern for restaurant management, but it also affects the customer experience. Unfortunately, we see too many commercial kitchens making the same food safety mistakes time and again.

Avoid stumbling over these common errors in your own kitchen.

Keep reading to see the five most common mistakes made in restaurant kitchens.

1. Improper Hand Hygiene

As basic as hand hygiene is, this is the foundation for food safety in any kitchen. And unfortunately, it's still a prevalent problem in kitchens everywhere. However, with the right training and awareness, it's also an easy mistake to fix quickly.

So, take the time to ensure that you and your staff understand the risk of hurried handwashing. Make hand hygiene an important aspect of your training in your kitchen.

2. Improper Food Preparation

The second biggest mistake we see in kitchens everywhere is improper food preparation. Your staff must understand where they can, and can't, prepare different foods around the kitchen. You must have a plan, and your employees must know that plan at all times.

3. Improper Cleaning and Sanitation

Crumbs left behind by employees not cleaning properly, or worse, eating on the job will guarantee bugs in your kitchen. Flies and other pests are a constant sanitation concern for kitchens everywhere, and your restaurant is no exception.

From your dish rags to your knives you must follow the right food safety practices across your entire kitchen. Don't make this same mistake, and if you need to, work with food consulting professionals to ensure that your staff understands the proper way to keep a clean kitchen.

4. Improper Temperatures

Hot food needs to be kept hot and cold foods need to be kept cold. But what happens when someone orders coleslaw with their fries? You need to have systems in place so that your staff can ensure that all food is kept at the temperature necessary to avoid problems.

Check your refrigeration storage to ensure that it's keeping your food at the proper temperature. Work with your staff so they understand about bacteria growth and why food must be kept at the right temperature at all times.

5. Improper Storage

Just as with the temperature mistakes, too many restaurants don't take the precautions necessary to ensure that their food is properly stored. And, just as mentioned above you need to consider keeping pests away from food as well.

When you have the right storage you can keep everything at the right temperature, away from bugs, and won't get your patrons sick. As you read through these common mistakes you might be wondering if you need an outside opinion of your restaurant. If so, then consider having an external assessment done so you can assure yourself and your patrons that your kitchen is safe.

Avoid These Common Food Safety Mistakes Today

Your customers deserve to know that their food is handled properly. And your staff deserves to get the proper training so they can make food safety a priority in your kitchen.

So, to avoid these common food safety mistakes make sure everyone is aware of their actions. And offer the right training so that your employees don't make these mistakes in your kitchen.

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