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Why Is Food Safety So Important for Hotel Owners?

There are over 80,000 hotel and motel businesses in the US. So, how do you stand out from the crowd? It does not matter if your hotel has the nicest interior or services if one area is not up to scratch: food safety.

Hotel food safety can make or break operations. It is essential to have a structured food safety program in place. Read on to learn why hotel food safety is so important.

Hotel Reputation

It isn't uncommon to read about a hotel or restaurant that closes because of poor food safety measures. You don't want a client to get sick. And with over 48 million Americans getting sick from foodborne diseases each year, it is easier than you think to fall behind on hotel food safety.

If a client gets sick at your hotel, the most important thing is that they recover. But it can also have consequences for your hotel reputation. It's unlikely they'll return, they can leave bad reviews, and even pursue legal action against your hotel.

Legal Requirements

You should check state and national regulations for hotel food safety. You could be subject to an inspection and without food safety consulting, you might miss a crucial part of a food safety plan.

For example, you should follow the HACCP requirements (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) when storing and preparing food. HACCP was designed for the food processing industry, but the guidelines apply to hotel food safety. And sometimes, these guidelines are a requirement.

Staff Safety

If staff are aware of hotel food safety tips and all follow the same food safety plan, there is less chance of sickness from food or spreading through food. A food safety plan protects staff and ensures the smooth running of your hotel, as there will be fewer absences because of sickness.

Waste Management

Your food safety plan can also help reduce your waste management. It is possible to have sustainable waste management at your hotel. It is also essential to help protect the environment.

The world wastes about 1.4 billion tons of waste each year, and food waste makes up a large percentage of total hotel waste. Consumers are also concerned about food waste and will be encouraged to visit your hotel if you can evidence sustainable food safety practices.

Pest Control

Food safety for hotels also helps pest control. Pest control is a huge concern for hotels and can quickly get out of control. Avoid having to cease operations or damage your reputation with a secure food safety plan.

Food Safety for Hotels Training

Food safety for hotels is essential for many different reasons. Protect your reputation, hotel operations, protect staff and guests, and adhere to legalities.

Are you not sure where to begin? Consider a hotel food consulting course for food safety to get started.

Paster Training is the authority on food safety consulting and training. We can help your hotel with a food safety course and consulting services. Contact us today to learn more.

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