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Improving Food Quality: The Role of AI in Food Technology

Artificial intelligence, as of this era, is taking over. In 2019, about 403,000 research outputs were present in the AI industry around the globe. That’s a 60% increase from previous data of 52,000 AI research in 2000.

The Artificial Intelligence Industry is spreading to different sectors such as Food Technology. The presence of AI in this field is better due to the increasing demand of the people.

These demands sometimes connote production, quality, and other factors. The AI improves these conditions through various means.

Are you curious about artificial intelligence in food? Read more to see how AI transforms food manufacturing and its processes.

Quality Assurance

In the food industry, the starting process after harvest is sorting. It’s where food categorizes into classifications, whether they are good or bad. This process now uses AI technology.

There are food sensors in machines to sort out products in food manufacturing. The AI can learn and can standardize the products based on specific criteria.

You don’t have to worry about product standards because AI has built-in certain specifications. It helps food manufacturers by ensuring the quality and grades them.

This phase is crucial because it evaluates the established specifications you set for your products. If the food is grade A, then it's a higher value. It’s a loss if it’s below Grade B.

Smart Packaging

In improving food quality, packaging is an essential element. Companies are investing in packaging because food is prone to spoilage. They incorporate AI to avoid this problem.

Some AI technology deals with increasing the food’s shelf life. Some are focusing on the packaging.

When the food is in the container, some chemicals can speed up the ripening process of the food. Because of Artificial Intelligence, they can make packaging that prevents this from happening. It can counter the effects of the natural phenomenon.

The AI industry is innovative in that they are working on food spoilage tracking schemes. It detects spoilage for food quality control. They use the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model to their advantage.

Elevating Food Delivery

There are many ways in which AI improves customer satisfaction. It’s an understatement that having AI will give better food storage and service.

Now, AI technology is also present in operating systems in the business. Some are using these AIs to allow customers to order by themselves. They can make reservations, set up takeouts, and have deliveries to their homes.

This simple process improves many aspects such as efficiency and less food spoilage. Soon, AI might replace humans in some operations. Humans need food safety training to improve production, but AI only needs encoding.

That said, AI is the new enhancement for the food industry. It is low-maintenance and might be more efficient than us.

Learn More About Food Technology Now

Artificial Intelligence is essential in the development of society. They are enhancements to life and everything around it, such as Food Technology.

These machines help the whole food manufacturing process. It assures food safety, quality, and service.

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