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4 Ways To Improve Fresh Food Packaging In Your Restaurant

60% of US residents order takeout or delivery at least once a week. As a restaurant owner, you understand food packaging is becoming more important than ever before. But, how can you improve your packaging to increase food safety?

In this article, we cover four ways to improve packaging. Keep reading to learn more.

#1: Choose the Correct Food Packaging Containers

In the restaurant industry, food packaging is an important aspect of the customer experience. They can make or break a business.

Food packaging plays a significant role in the quality of food. Companies use it to make sure that the food is not contaminated and that it is healthy for consumption.

There are many different types of food packaging available today. However, some companies still use incorrect containers for their takeaway orders or meals. This can lead to a number of issues such as contamination, cross-contamination, and poor hygiene standards.

#2: Follow Heat Lamp Best Practices

There are a few guidelines that restaurants should follow when they use heat lamps to prepare their food. These guidelines ensure that the food is safe and fresh for customers.

Heat lamps have the ability to extend the shelf life of food products and make them more appealing to consumers. The downside is that heat lamps can also be a source of contamination if not used properly. Heat lamp best practices include:

  • The hot lamp must not be in front of food preparation areas
  • The lamp must not be around refrigerated or frozen food storage areas
  • Heat lamps should only be used for cooking, broiling, and reheating food

#3: Package Fresh Food Based on Temperature

The main reason why restaurants package foods with different temperatures separately are that it makes the food safer. It also makes it more enjoyable to eat. Packaging for hot or cold foods also helps restaurants keep their costs down by not having to refund orders due to unhappy customers.

#4: Ensure Food Quality With Safety Measures

Food packaging is a crucial part of the restaurant business. Restaurants must ensure that their food is safe and that they are able to maintain quality control.

The lack of safety measures on food packaging can have serious consequences for restaurants and their customers. This is why it's important for restaurants to take precautionary measures when it comes to food packaging.

In today's world with the delivery of food so popular, customers want to make sure no one messes with their food. By using packaging that makes it clear someone has messed with it, you help customers feel safer.

Train Your Team on Food Packaging Best Practices

This article discusses four ways you can improve food packaging in your restaurant. With delivery services being a popular way to get food, these tips are more important than ever.

Does your team need a little more training? Check out our upcoming food safety training classes and get your team scheduled today!

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