Paster Training, Inc. Now Offering Texas Food Handler Training Materials and Online Course


Paster Training, Inc. is delighted to announce the arrival of theSURE™Texas Food Safety Employee manual and online course, created by Instruis Publishing Company. TheSURE™Texas Food Safety Employee program meets the food handler requirements set forth by the state of Texas, in which it is required that anyone who is involved in the preparation, storage, or service of food to have a Food Handler Card.

The Texas Food Handler classroom and online programs cover five key areas: Food Safety Basics, Preventing the Use of Contaminated Equipment and Utensils, Practicing Proper Personal Hygiene, Phase 1 Flow of Food (Purchase, Receive, Store, Prepare), and Phase 2 Flow of Food (Cook, Hold, Cool, Reheat, Serve). Upon going through the material contained in the Texas Food Handler classroom and online programs, participants will have the knowledge needed to safely serve and sell food. Once students have gone through the classroom or online course, they will receive a Texas Food Handler Certificate of Completion.

The Texas Food Handler manuals and online course will be available at an introductory rate. The manuals will be available for $4.25 per manual until December 31, 2016. Volume discounts are also available for the manuals. The online course will be available for $7.50 until December 31, 2016. To order theSURE™Texas Food Safety Employee manuals or the online course, visit or call us at 866.394.1776.

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