HACCP Food Safety Self-Study Train-the-Trainer Certification

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Product Description

The HACCP Self-Study Train-the-Trainer course is designed for food safety trainers, culinary instructors, and hospitality professionals looking to expand their training. This program allows participants to learn at their own pace prior to taking the certification examinations. Through studying the materials included in this course, participants will learn to impact diverse food service and retail workforce audiences more effectively using the HACCP Star training aid.
The materials that are used in the Train-the-Trainer curriculum are part of the most comprehensive retail HACCP product line on the market. The SURE™ HACCP Food Safety Series is dedicated toSafe, Useful, Responsible Education for food service and retail industry training. The SURE HACCP Food Safety Series is the only retail HACCP training and certification program in the world.
After studying the materials, a proctor must administer the three examinations. Proctoring is not included. By successfully completing the requirements for this course, participants will earn three respected certifications:
  • HACCP Food Safety Employee Certification, valid for four years
  • HACCP Food Safety Manager Certification, valid for four years
  • HACCP Food Safety Trainer Certification, valid for one year
Materials Provided
  • The HACCP Food Safety Employee Manual
  • The HACCP Food Safety Manager Manual
  • The HACCP Food Safety Trainer Manual
  • SURE Proctor Manual
  • SURE PowerPoint Presentations for each manual
  • Instructional materials
  • Discussion points
Who Should Enroll
  • Both new and experienced trainers will benefit from this program.
  • Corporate Trainers and educators who need to manage and facilitate their in-house retail HACCP training program
  • Culinary instructors and hospitality professionals
  • Candidates must hold a valid ANSI-CFP- Food Protection Manager Certification.
  • Candidates must have industry experience sufficient to demonstrate credibility as an instructor.

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