Food safety emphasizes the importance of preventing foodborne illness and ultimately, an outbreak in the food service and retail industry. Understanding the risks and ways to prevent foodborne illness will protect customers and businesses from harm. Proper food safety training can lead to improved food safety and customer satisfaction.
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This course provides a basic overview of the principles of food safety as it relates to employees and food handlers. Participants will be prepared to demonstrate improved food safety practices in their operations.

Manager (Available in English and Spanish)
Participants will be prepared to take a Food Protection Manager Certification Exam accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) – Conference for Food Protection (CFP). Successful completion of the exam will merit a certification valid for five years.
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The Train-the-Trainer program is designed for those who will be training foodservice personnel. This course encompasses an activity-focused program using hands-on applications to drive food safety knowledge. It will focus specifically on the diverse education levels, languages, and cultures that often make up a foodservice workforce.
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