SURE HACCP Food Safety Trainer Manual
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Product Description

The HACCP Food Safety Trainer Manual is the trainer's edition of The HACCP Food Safety Employee Manual and The HACCP Food Safety Manager Manual.   This all-inclusive book equips trainers with the ability to train with ease using the HACCP Star training aid which is an educational tool in learning the core elements of a food service and retail HACCP system.  Engage and motivate adult learners through classroom exercises and presentations when teaching the seven HACCP principles. 

Use The HACCP Food Safety Trainer Manual as a step-by-step approach to introduce the HACCP concept to employees and provide managers the tools they need to prepare and implement a customized food HACCP plan.  Trainers will be confident that employees and management will understand their roles in providing safe food as well as creating a food safety culture that strives to prevent, eliminate, and reduce the risks of foodborne illness.

This manual includes:

  • Instructional materials
  • SURE Proctor Manual
  • The HACCP Food Safety Employee Manual, trainers version
  • The HACCP Food Safety Manger Manual, trainers version
  • SURE PowerPoint slides for each manual
  • Discussion points
  • Activities
  • Answers to review questions and exercises

To become a SURE Certified Trainer individuals must complete a HACCP Food Safety Train-the-Trainer workshop or the HACCP Food Safety Train-the-Trainer Self-Study program as well as successfully complete the 3 HACCP Food Safety examinations.   Train-the-Trainer workshops are held as public sessions or privately at your location.  Participants will receive the following certifications:  the HACCP Food Safety Employee Certification (valid for 4 years), the HACCP Food Safety Manager Certification (valid for 4 years), and the HACCP Food Safety Trainer Certification (valid for 1 year) and wallet cards, which demonstrates knowledge of HACCP proficiency.  

This manual is part of the most comprehensive retail HACCP product line on the market.  The SURE HACCP Food Safety Series is dedicated to Safe, Useful, Responsible Education for food service and retail industry training.  The SURE HACCP Food Safety Series is the only retail HACCP training resources in the world and was developed specifically for personnel in the food service and retail industry.

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